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Driving Licence Details, When it comes to our daily life the identity is the most important in the society to prove who we are. Like when it comes to Driving Licence Details we need to have a valid DL to drive any motor vehicle in the public area. We must know the rules and regulations, of course the traffic safety symbols on roads.

We are trying to make aware people all around the world to make sure get the minimum awareness of the use of Driving Licence in order to drive in safe and smooth in long way.

What is Driving License and why do we need it ?

Driving Licence Details

Driving license is the official document which authorizes its holder to operate various types of motor vehicle. Especially when you want drive a motor vehicle on highways and other roads to which the public have access the driving license is must to have for driving a vehicle. In various Indian states, they are administered by the Regional Transport Authorities/Offices (RTA/RTO). Read more

There are two kind of driving licence to process.

LMV (Light Motor Vehicle)

HDV (Heavy-Duty Vehicles)

Learner’s License: When you are in a Learner’s License, you can’t  drive alone. There should be a person accompany you who holds a permanent Driving License.

Permanent License: After thirty days of issuance of Learner’s License, One becomes eligible to attain a Permanent License.

We provide at Driving Licence Details

We at DL trying make aware of the driving rules and the regulations. When we think of Driving licence its authorize document for getting eligibility to drive a vehicle.  There are many who do not have valid driving license and they drive for granted.

Where to Apply driving licence details online

to apply visit parivahan.gov.in and for dmv visit www.dmv.ca.gov, to apply online, check status, number, Renewal all of these We try to provide all the information about Driving License.

Police Department has the right to stop and check for the valid Driving License to drive a vehicle.  So please read about the details about DL before you drive any vehicle without any valid DL