California state ab 60 driver license apply online


California state ab 60 driver license apply online. According to the Assembly Bill (AB) 60 (Chapter 524: Statutes of 2013,) the department is required to provide the applicants who cannot give any papers to prove they live in the United States with an original driver license.

For instance, applicants under AB 60 have to be qualified for driver license and give two suitable proofs of their California residency and identity.

Click on AB 60 Checklist to learn more about what proper documents you need to provide. In addition, the Assembly bill B 60 asks the department to improve some arrangements. Get the help of the parties who are interested in assisting the department in the process of recognizing the acceptable files. Its regarding providing identity and residency proofs.

Who needs to apply California state ab 60 driver license  online

AB 60 applicants can select Field Office Visit Appointment, if they wish to schedule an appointment for a DMV field office’s visit so they can get a California driver license under AB 60.

Applying for an Original Driver License

To visit a DMV office, customers who are willing apply for a driver license under AB 60.  can make an appointment by phone now at 1-800-777-0133 or online on the DMV Now iPhone/ Android applications.

You are going to follow these steps if you are applying for an original driver license:

» Fill in the Driver License or Identification Card Application.
» Get ready for the driver license knowledge test
» Visiting a DMV office after making an appointment.  No direct walk-ins only driver license processing centers.
» Give DMV with Proof of Identity and California Residency if you are under AB 60.

A customer should also follow below:
» Pay the required fees of the DMV application
» Pass some tests like the vision test, knowledge test, and a road sign test (if applicable.)
» Provide a thumb print
» Take a personal photo
» If applicable, schedule an appointment for the behind-the-wheel driving test.

Those clients who are under 18 and willing to apply for an original driver license. These people are required to provide a proof of completing a driver education. Visit Driver License and Identification Card Information, for more details about getting a new driver license,