DMV Commercial Driver License apply application form

DMV Commercial Driver License apply application form. To access some federal facilities or to board a domestic flight starting from October 1, 2020, you should use a federal compliant card such as a REAL ID, a passport, or a military ID.

However, the DMV began to issue ID cards or REAL ID driver licenses on January 22, 2018. Also, of you want to apply for a REAL ID, you are required to visit a field office.

DMV Commercial Driver License apply application form

The DMV activated the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Program in California to develop traffic safety in the streets. Consequently, the state has improved licensing and testing necessities for drivers of commercial vehicles. In fact, these are somehow the same as the federal standards or even tougher.

You may need some unique skills or the help of an expert perspective to operate huge trucks and buses safely. Actually, only professional drivers will receive and keep a Commercial Driver License (CDL), which proves your professional abilities and skills.

Changing your name on the driver license of ID card

To change your name, you need to apply by following these steps:

  • Fill in a Commercial Driver License Application or aDriver License or Identification Card Application.
  • Go to a DMV office. You have to make and appointment before you visit.
  • Give a relevant documentation that shows your correct name. For more details, see “True Full Name” and “How to Change Your Name”.
  • Pay the fees of the driver license (DL) or identification (ID) card application.
  • Provide a scan of your fingerprint.
  • Take a personal photo.

In case you need to apply for a REAL ID Compliant DL or ID card or change your name, you have to attend a DMV field office in person first and then present Identity, SSN, and residency documents from the acceptable documents list that you can find if you visit the REAL ID webpage.

You can show an original or certified copy of an Identity document or a document that contains a true full name so you can submit as an evidence of your new name.

DMV CDL how to apply

In order to replace your name on the Social Security Administration (SSA) records, you can contact them before you make an appointment with DMV so you can ask for changing your name there. With the help of the SSA, the DMV will electronically verify your name, birth date and social security number.
In case the DMV does not verify the information, you will not receive your new California DL or ID card. You are going to get a Request for Verification of Information letter from DMV telling you that the information you provided (name, birth date, and/or SSN) does not match SSA’s records.

DMV Commercial Driver License apply application form

Until clients get their new DL and/or ID card in the mail, they will be given an interim DL valid for 90 daysand/or a receipt for your ID card. They maycheck their address and DL classification, including restrictions and endorsements, before they leave DMV. They should also inform the representative of the DMV if they have moved or their information are incorrect.

After 60 days, they should call 1 (800) 777-0133 to check on the status,in case they do not receive their DL and/or ID card, They are also encouraged to have their interim DL and/or ID card receipt with the so they can give proper information when they are asked to.

Please note your vehicle registration information can not changed once their name on their DL or ID card is.