How to Apply for Duplicate Driving License for lost DL

How to Apply for Duplicate Driving License for lost DL

How to Apply for Duplicate Driving License for lost DL

If you are applying and getting for a Duplicate Driving licence online is not that easy, instead go to the near RTO and do the procedure. If you lost or missed your DL and you wish to apply for a Duplicate Driver’s Licence follow the Procedure for applying Duplicate DL.

Because Driving a any motor vehicle like car or riding a two-wheeler without a valid DL is not illegal.  Anyone who is having a valid driving license is able and can drive a motor vehicle pertaining to a particular class type mentioned in his/her DL.

So we need to have a Valid DL to drive / ride.  In case if you lost your DL then you should apply for a duplicate Driving license immediately.

Documents required for applying for a  duplicate driving license

If you applying for a Duplicate DL then follow the list of the documents that you have to provide to the RTO for getting it.  The Documents can vary from one state to other RTO Department.

» If you lost original DL lost or stolen, then you have have to submit a FIR (first information report)

» Download or get the Application form (LLD) the Form for information of loss DL and application for duplicate

How to Apply for Duplicate Driving License for lost DL

Documents for applying Duplicate DL is Torn or multilated.

» You have to submit the Original copy of the license.

» Passport sized photographs

» Xerox copy of Original DL

» Age Proof document

» Address Proof document

Age Proof documents for applying a Duplicate Driving License (any one from the below list)

» Passport
» Birth certificate
» SSC certificate
» School transfer certificate with the date of birth printed on it
» Pan card

Address proof documents for applying a Duplicate DL (any one from the below list)

» House agreement
» Voters ID card
» Permanent address proof:
» LIC policy bond
» Ration card
» Aadhar Card
» Electricity bill issued in applicant name
» Passport
» Temporary address proof (Registered Rental agreement and LPG bill/electricity bill)

Online Procedure to Apply for Duplicate Driving License for lost DL

Some of the states RTO department allows you apply  for a duplicate driving license online. Go to your state transport department’s website and check if you can apply for a duplicate DL online.

Follow these basic steps for  applying online:

» Go to the particular state transport department’s website

» Search for the online application form for the Duplicate DL.

» Fill the form and submit the LLD that can go on online.

» After submit the form take a print out and attach all the necessary documents.

» Submit all the form and documents at the RTO office where you had applied your original DL.

» After these Procedure , you it will be sent to your registered address.

Offline Procedure to Apply for Duplicate DL

If you don’t the provision online or you don’t want fill it online, you can do these simple procedure to get your duplicate DL.

» Go to RTO office that issued your original driving license

»  Request the RTO officials to give you form LLD that is the application form for getting a duplicate driving license

» Fill the form completely and attach all the supporting documents as mentioned above

» You many need to pay nominal fees for your driving license application to be processed.

» Once the application procedure is complete, you will receive a receipt which can be used till the time you do not receive it.