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Method What is half clutch driving ? how to use it

half clutch method driving What is half clutch driving ? how to use it

What is half clutch driving ? how to use it

If you are aware of full driving method, you must be noticing this half clutch driving in the first gear to move the vehicle. Half clutch is nothing but releasing the clutch to 50% while you drive instead of 100%.

When do you use this half clutch driving?

This can be used in the first gear / driving up a hill and need to stop a vehicle without a break. When you’re starting again, you do not release the clutch as quickly as you do in the plains. This will stall the engine. This is because the force of gravity on the vehicle is greater than the force transmitted to the wheels by the engine. Instead

Half clutch driving technique? how to use it

» Before starting the engine Pull the handbrake
» Depress the clutch pedal fully and engage 1st gear (or reverse as necessary)
» Reveres the engine a bit and slowly release the clutch

If you the car is trying to ‘jump’/ or jerks , you can release the handbrake and the car will move forward. Maintain/increase throttle input to maintain moment and build speed for the climb.

If there is no jump/jerk as such, you need to apply more throttle.

Half clutch driving good or bad ? when to use it

Using half clutch driving means destroying the clutch plate, Never use the above method to keep a car stationary on an incline. It will destroy the clutch plate
Always remember- the clutch is used for changing gears. Use it wisely and you won’t have to change the clutch plates too early.

Although some members suggest the use of foot brake pedal, I’d recommend the handbrake as it’s easy and you don’t risk the tendency to slip your feet and cause damage.