What is the need of Commercial Driving License apply online

What is the need of Commercial Driving License A Commercial License / Commercial driving license (CDL) which is very important, government authorized document for any citizen of the particular country

In order to have a business in the field of transportation industry, it may be a car, truck or a bus driver must have commercial driving license for driving commercial vehicles.

Lets get into the procedure for acquiring Commercial Driving License.  .

RTO (Regional Transport Office) is the responsible for issuing a Commercial DL.

What is the need of Commercial Driving License

A Regional Transport Office (RTO) is responsible for issuing a CDL. Other responsibilities of an RTO includes collecting vehicle tax, issuing personalized registrations and maintaining a record of drivers and cars.

Eligibility Criteria for Commercial Driving License

In order to be eligible for having a commercial driving license, the below criteria have to be met:

Education Qualification required for Commercial Driving License

The applicant should have passed at least class 8.  which is mandatory to have a minute level of intelligence, memory to remember and to process the different signs and rules.

Age limit for applying for CDL

Its a common factor for all the driving licence. Minimum age to apply for a CDL is 18 to 22 years, depending on the rules and regulations of the particular state.

Learner’s License

A Learner’s License is mandatory for any driver who wishes to apply for a commercial license. Which means LL authorizes an individual to drive a car for a certain period to learn how to drive. Learner’s License is issued after passing the written test.


It is mandatory for the applicant for getting commercial driving licence, getting trained from a Government Motor School. A Motor school tied-up with State Government can also serve the purpose.

Driving Test:

The applicant should pass in the driving test and once he/she clear the test will receive his/her commercial driving licence.

documents for applying CDL:

Address Proof (Passport, ration card, voter id, aadhaar card or utility bills in the applicant’s name)
Identity Proof (Passport, PAN card, voter id, aadhaar card, birth certificate or 10th grade mark sheet)
Form 2
Document Form 1A
Form 5
Passport size photographs
Application Fee